DANGEROUS FEMALES (Christie/Paramount, November 16, 1929) Marie "Tugboat Annie" Dressler and Polly Moran chew all the scenery in this hilarious sendup of melodrama with Dressler, of all people, turning on her sexual charms.
EVERY SUNDAY (MGM, 1936) The Sunday afternoon concerts in the park aren't drawing enough people so the city council has decided to fire the orchestra!  Judy Garland and Deanna Durbin, (in their only film together), are determined to save the day. Durbin sings opera and Garland sings hot swing and THEN the crowds come running!
100% SERVICE (Paramount, August 1, 1931) Gracie Allen waits on George Burns in a hotel gift shop.  This is vintage George and Gracie nuttiness from their Vaudeville years before they won national success on the radio and later, television.
PLEASE STAND BY as we're just getting started.  There are lots more films to be added to this page!

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