THE MARK OF ZORRO (Douglas Fairbanks Picture Corporation/UA, November 27, 1920)

"The Mark of Zorro [with Douglas Fairbanks] contains some of the most jaw-dropping stunts I've ever seen this side of Jackie Chan."  (Steven D. Greydanus, Decent Film Guide.)

Starring Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., Marguerite de la Monte, Robert McKim, Noah Beery.  This first Zorro film is the grandfather of all action/adventure films and all super hero avengers that followed.  This print features an outstanding score written and performed by legendary theatre organist Gaylord Carter. 
TOL'ABLE DAVID (Inspiration Pictures, December 31, 1921)

This landmark American film stars Richard Barthelmess, Gladys Hulette and Ernest Torrence.   A ripping drama filmed on location in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, the film tells the Biblical story of David and Goliath set in a rural  American villiage of the early 20th century.  The final battle is considered among the most intense scenes ever filmed.    One of the great American films, "Tol'able David"  influenced filmmakers around the world.  It continues to surprise and amaze audiences with its engaging performances, beautiful on location photography and gripping drama.

This superb 16mm print contains the school house dance scene in original red and blue tints, and a terrific and authentic theatre organ accompaniment by the "dean of theatre organists," Gaylord Carter who began accompanying films at the end of WWI in some of the biggest theaters in the US.  Carter's career spanned several continents and some 70 years.
THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH (Gaumont British Picture Corporation, December, 1934) Starring Peter Lorre, Leslie Banks and Edna Best.  This is Alfred Hitchcock's first version of this story and Peter Lorre's first English language picture.  Often seen in poor dupes with poor sound tracks, this print boasts excellent picture and sound.  Running time: 75 minutes.
MY GIRL TISA (United States Pictures, released February 7, 1948) with Lilli Palmer, Sam Wanamaker, Akim Tamiroff, Alan Hale and Stella Adler.  This is a lovely film about coming to America and working hard to become a citizen.  Set in 1905 New York City this movie is brimming with wonderful touches of Americana.  The strong work ethic and naive spirit that empowered many immigrants and also got them into trouble is portrayed sincerely and without shame.  Dismissed in its day, twenty first century audiences respond enthusiastically to the faith in the goodness of a strong America.  Strong performances by a great cast lift this film well above the average.

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