Listed on the following pages are some of the 16mm prints available for your program.  You provide the darkened room and popcorn and I do the rest.

Silver Showcase film presentations are more than just a movie.   I have been a fan of classic films and a film historian for many years. Audience members receive printed programs about the films to be shown, and each screening begins with a live introduction telling about the films and the people who made them.  I have found that people often stay in their seats after the show is over because they want to talk about the show they have just seen.  I am always happy to stay and lead that discussion.

I specialize in showing films from WWII, but I can also present other films to your audience.  I have comedies and dramas from the sound and silent eras.

Some of the films available for your program are listed on the next few pages.  Please use the tabs at the top of the pages to  browse the selections.

We will be adding more titles in the near future so please come back soon!


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