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This program of 16mm holiday films is as entertaining as it is nostalgic.  Some of the films available are:

THE SHANTY WHERE SANTY CLAUSE LIVES.  (Warner Bros., January 7, 1933 -- see image at left).  Santa finds a cold and lonely orphan boy on Christmas Eve and takes him back to the North Pole where the toys put on a show for him.  This happy cartoon boasts a great early 30s pop jazz song that will get your toes a tappin!

RED HEADED BABY (Warner Bros., December 26, 1931)  When Santa goes to bed the toys come alive and put on quite a show until a nasty spider kidnaps the Red Headed Baby.  The Napoleon doll and the rest of the toys come to the rescue!  Watch for the Boswell Sisters inspired dolly trio!
ARMY-NAVY SCREEN MAGAZINE #41 (United States Government, 1944)  Sing Christmas songs with Leopold Stokowski and the Westminster College Choir as Stokie conducts you with the words on the bottom of the screen.  Great American contralto Marian Anderson sings Schubert's "Ave Maria."  For more information about this grand holiday film click the "16mm WWII and Other Patriotic Films" tab at the top of this page.
THE CHRISTMAS DREAM (Castle Films, 1949)  A little girl tosses her old doll aside when she sees her new toys under the tree.  When she goes to sleep Santa causes her to dream that her old toy has come to life and puts on a very entertaining show for her. This is the Castle Films English language edition of "Vanocni sen," a Checkoslovakian film by the Zemen brothers.  Originally released in the US in 1948 this forgotten gem combines live action with stop-motion animation.
THE GUIDING STAR (CBS Television Network, December 19, 1949). This episode of "The Silver Theatre" television anthology series stars Clem Bevens as Uncle Henry and Clara "Auntie Em" Blandick as Mrs. Jackson. 

Uncle Henry's family has learned to trust his often confusing ways.  They know that he's always up to something, always trying to make things better for someone.  But they really can't understand what he's up to when he brings a single young woman with a baby home to spend Christmas Eve with them!  But Uncle Henry knows much more about this woman and her baby than he's telling anyone.

Set in the year of 1906, this forgotten gem glows with the true meaning of Christmas. 

Image and sound quality of this early television production are superb as it was filmed like a movie and then aired on the CBS network.
MERRY CHRISTMAS (Sterling Films/Ambassador Films Inc., c. 1948)  The famed Vienna Choir Boys sing Christmas songs while they decorate the entrance hall of Palais Augarten.  Playing the part of their house mother and also singing with them is Austrian soprano Hilda Konetzni.  The priest is played by rector Joseph Schnitt, the man who rescued the choir following the First World War.
A CHRISTMAS CAROL (1958) This condensed version of Dickens' famous Christmas ghost story was filmed for the British television anthology series, "Fredric March Presents Tales of Dickens."  March is the host and Basil "Sherlock Holmes" Rathbone is Scrooge.
THE STORY OF SANTA CLAUSE  (Cine Art Productions, A Cine Arts Home Library Film, c. 1920s)  This charming little movie was created for sale to private homes.  Through live action and animation we see Santa, his elves, mom, dad and the children portraying what is still the traditional Christmas Eve Santa story.  This recent preservation print retains the original colored tinting.
CHRISTMAS NIGHT (original release title, "Pals," Van Buren/RKO, December 22, 1933)  The Little King brings three homeless men to his castle on Christmas Eve. Together they wait for Santa and then tear up the castle playing with their new toys.

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